picture of Eva Metz-Tolliver, founder of Germany Travel Co., wearing a blue collard shirt and a hat, smiling into the camera

Hi, I’m Eva, the Founder of Germany Travel Co.

I am so happy that you’ve found us!

As a Travel Expert certified by Travel Beyond the Obvious, I love helping people just like you travel to Germany and experience my home country. Read on for a little bit about my story – and I would love to get to know yours as well – please send me an email or connect with with me on social media.


The Journey from Esslingen, Germany to Los Angeles

I was born and raised in Esslingen, a quaint town in southern Germany near Stuttgart. Esslingen boasts a rich history that dates back to Roman times and was one of Europe’s most important trading towns during the Middle Ages. Its city center, complete with half-timbered houses and cobblestoned streets, remains beautifully preserved to this day. Growing up, this was simply ‘home’ for me. However, after moving to Los Angeles in my twenties, my perspective shifted dramatically. I began to appreciate Germany’s beauty and now consider it one of Europe’s most underrated destinations, brimming with charm, history, romance, and natural beauty.

A Personal Journey Through Culture and Connection

Since locating in the U.S., I have traveled back to Germany with my husband many times, and introduced him to the culture and customs of my homeland. His first visit was during the Christmas season, and it involved just two must-dos: buying a warm sweater and enjoying some Glühwein at the Stuttgart Christmas market. Both were a hit, and it was then that I realized the unique joy in sharing the beauty of Germany with others. When our kids joined us on later trips, I saw my homeland through new eyes yet again, discovering all the fun and enriching activities that families can enjoy together.
Travel brings out the best version of me. It’s a space where I can be my authentic self, enriched by new experiences, people, and flavors. It’s a time for quality moments with my loved ones, and I always return from a trip rejuvenated.

The Birth of Germany Travel Co.

Before founding Germany Travel Co. in 2023, I have worked in international operations for several Fortune 500 companies in the tech and entertainment sector. Organizing trips for family and friends was my leisure passion. During the pandemic, it became abundantly clear to me that meaningful travel—travel that genuinely connects people to places and cultures—was vital. And so, Germany Travel Co. was born. Here, we empower you to become a savvy traveler in Germany, crafting unforgettable journeys that align with your unique interests and preferences.


Who We Are

At Germany Travel Co., we empower you to explore Germany like a local, not a tourist. We craft personalized journeys that enrich your life and deepen your connections, all while offering you a unique lens into authentic German culture.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Germany Travel Co. apart is our native German expertise blended with a personalized touch. We don’t just show you Germany; we let you experience it through local insights that most tourists never get to see. Your trip is tailored to your pace, interests, and budget, allowing you to be the savvy traveler you’ve always aspired to be—minus the stress.

Why Choose Us

We believe that travel has the power to be transformative. It’s not just about seeing new places; it’s about truly and deeply connecting with different cultures, people, and even yourself. Our customers aren’t chasing Instagram-worthy hotspots (although we can definitely provide those); they seek a journey that will enrich their lives and bring them closer to their travel companions, the country they’re visiting, and the people they meet along the way. What we aim to deliver is an unforgettable, authentic, and enriched German experience that’s meticulously planned to align with your unique interests and preferences.