Itinerary Summary

  • Day 1: International Arrival in Frankfurt
  • Day 2-4: Rhine Valley
  • Day 4-6: Cochem (Mosel Valley)
  • Day 6-8: Trier
  • Day 8: Mainz, Return to Frankfurt
  • Day 9: International Departure from Frankfurt

With this Rhine and Mosel river itinerary, you’ll dive into the breathtaking river valleys of the Rhine and Moselle. Discover charming towns amid terraced vineyards and majestic castles ready for exploration. For those seeking adventure, activities abound from hiking and biking to canoeing. Savor the region’s exquisite wines and cuisine at local wine taverns and vineyards. The trip includes a visit to Trier, once hailed as the ‘Second Rome.’ Here, ancient Rome comes alive with a collection of archaeological treasures showcased through engaging guided tours.

A map of Germany, highlighting the Rhine and Mosel River Valley Itinerary

Activities and Highlights: Sleeping in a Castle; River Cruise on the Rhine, Hiking, Wine & Dine at local vineyards

Flights: You will be flying in and out of Frankfurt

Transportation: Self-Drive

Modifications: Would you like to attend additional or different cities? Use the trains instead of a car, or possibly hire a driver? Do you have must-do activities? Contact us – we can customize this trip to your needs, and preferences.


Itinerary Overview

  • International Arrival
  • Pick up your rental car
  • Drive to Castle Reichenstein at the Rhine (~1 hr drive)

Day 2-4 Rhine Valley (3 nights)

Stay at Castle Reichenstein, a fortress-turned-boutique hotel. For those, wishing to stay at a more traditional hotel, there are several beautiful options in the nearby town of Trechtinghausen. Over the next two days, explore the UNESCO-listed Upper Rhine Valley. River cruises, castle visits, and gentle hikes await. Don’t miss the cableway to the Niederwald Monument for stunning valley views. End your days in Ruedesheim, a village renowned for its winemaking and hospitality. Click on Castles On The Romantic Rhine River [With Map] to learn more about the Rhine River valley.

Day 4-6 Cochem, Mosel Valley (2 nights, ~1.25 hrs drive)

Drive to Cochem, a quaint town in the Mosel Valley known for its scenic beauty and vineyards. Wander through Cochem’s cobblestone streets, enjoying local cuisine and wines in quaint taverns, or visit the Reichsburg Castle which drowns above the town. A must-visit is Burg Eltz, a medieval castle celebrated by travel expert Rick Steves for its authenticity and charm.

Day 6-8 Trier (2 nights, ~1.25 hrs drive)

Next, drive to Trier, Germany’s oldest city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known as “The Second Rome,” Trier boasts an impressive array of archaeological sites such as the Porta Nigra and Roman baths, offering a deep dive into its storied past. The city’s layout allows for easy exploration of its key attractions. For those interested in history and culture, the Karl Marx House museum is a highlight, offering insights into the life and influence of Marx on history and thought.

Day 8 Frankfurt via Mainz (1 night, ~1.25 hrs drive)

On your return to Frankfurt, stop in Mainz, the cradle of the printing press. The Gutenberg Museum here celebrates the revolutionary printing technology and its creator, Johannes Gutenberg. Don’t miss St. Stephan Church in Mainz, which features windows by the painter Marc Chagall. They immerse the interior in a captivating blue light that illustrates biblical scenes with unparalleled artistry. Spend your final night in Germany at The Römer in Frankfurt, a perfect spot to reminisce about your travels while enjoying traditional German dishes in this picturesque square.

Day 9

Return your rental car; International Departure