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It varies, of course, but here are some general guidelines to start with.  The things to consider when thinking about costs are the accommodations, tours/activities, logistics, food, flights, and our planning fees.

Costs are based on 2023 prices and are for two people. Note that these are cost estimates for a good ‘middle of the road’ trip, so neither budget nor luxury. 

Hotels: 200-250 USD per room will give you solid 3 or 4-star accommodation. This is an average across regions. For certain events in certain regions, costs might be higher, e.g. centrally located hotels in Munich during Octoberfest. Note that there are many less expensive hotels, Airbnbs, apartments, etc. across Germany. However, our travelers typically start with this budget. This gets you a good hotel in an excellent central location, with breakfast and taxes included.

Tours & Activities: 70 USD per day. This would be for guided city sightseeing tours, excursions, river cruises, etc. This is an average across the entirety of your trip. Note, that this assumes you will be joining publicly operated tours. Calculate more, if you would like us to arrange private guided tours.

Logistics: 70 USD per day. This includes fees for public transportation, airport transfers, rental car costs, train tickets, and the cost of gas. Note that this is average across the trip. Some days you’ll be on your own two feet and some days you might spend 100 dollars on a train ticket. Generally speaking, Germany has excellent public transportation. In cities, we rarely recommend you rent a car, as that be more cumbersome and expensive than using subways, buses etc. If your itinerary includes stops in the countryside, we might recommend a car. Note that costs for private airport transfers are not included.

Food: 125 USD per day. Note that this assumes that breakfast is included with the hotel (which it is for the most part). This assumes you’ll have a light lunch, like a salad at a café, or a quick sandwich. This assumes that you’ll sit down at a restaurant for dinner every night. You won’t be eating in Michelin-starred places, but you also won’t be going to the grocery store to grab a baguette and a hunk of cheese like you did in your backpacking days. This also allows a budget for coffee, gelato, and snacks.

Flights from the US are typically between about 800 USD and 1300 USD in economy class, depending on where you’re flying from and depending on the time of year.

Planning fees: Our planning fees vary, please see our services section for more details. We always tell people that travel industry markups (inside those single-price packages) are about 20% – 25% so if our fees are in that range, that’s about right. If our fees are lower, you’re getting a deal. If our fees are more than that, working with us might not make sense.

In the examples above, the trip costs round up to 4,000 USD per couple for a 10-day trip. If this couple hired us for our Royal Service, with a flat fee of USD 369, that would work out to be about 10% of trip costs. If they hired us for our Crown Service, the planning fee would be USD 874 for 10 days, and work out to be about 22% of the trip costs.

I am glad you asked! I could highlight my passion, attention to detail, love for assisting travelers, and outstanding customer service, but anyone can claim that. I believe that what truly sets me and Germany Travel Co. apart are my deep-rooted connections and personal experiences.

Personal Experience and Comprehensive Knowledge: I grew up in Germany and I lived there into my twenties before moving to the United States. My relationship with the country is both deep and nuanced. This personal history allows me to navigate Germany’s complexities—from choosing the best transportation options to selecting accommodations and activities that align perfectly with your interests. I  have answers to questions you may not even know to ask – and if I don’t have an answer, I know who to call. 

Insider Access: With me, your travel planning goes beyond the basics; you gain access to an insider’s view of Germany. I can infuse your trip with local expertise and cultural insights. From helping you with tipping etiquette to exploring local cuisines and uncovering the country’s hidden gems, your experience will be memorable and authentic.

Global Traveler Insights: I have traveled to foreign countries myself – I understand it can be challenging, especially when you don’t speak the language. I offer practical tips on language barriers, cell phone usage, currency etc. ensuring you feel prepared and at ease abroad.

Family-Friendly Expertise: I am a parent of two kids, whom I visited Germany with often, and I understand the dynamics of traveling with a 2-year-old, and a six-year-old. I ensure your itinerary is enjoyable and accommodating for all family members.

Holistic Approach: Because I am paid for my time and expertise in the form of a consultant fee, I can spend time on details like transportation, food, festivals, and the overall flow and balance of your itinerary. Since those do not provide commission, traditional travel advisors cannot spend time on them. But these are the essential details that will make your entire trip flow smoothly.

Transparency: All trip costs are transparent. There is no single package pricing, mark-ups, and hidden fees. You’ll authorize us to use your credit card to pay the vendors in Germany directly so you’ll see line item by line, what each item costs you.

The short answer is: the business model. I charge consulting fees for my time and expertise and because I have deep knowledge of Germany. I create your trip from the ground up. I do not sell other people’s packages– I book directly with local providers, cutting out any middlemen, and I also do not mark anything up.

Traditional travel advisors receive commissions for booking hotels, cruises, flights, or tours for travelers from their portfolio and therefore they must spend their time booking things that give them a commission.

With my Gold Services, I spend a lot of time on things that do not offer commissions such as:

  • Detailed recommendations for the best way of getting from A to B within Germany.
  • Specific shopping recommendations within a city
  • Recommendations and, where applicable, reservations for restaurants, cafes, gelaterias, and more
  • Detailed driving routes with recommendations for parking, sights, and including detailed logistics
  • Hiking route recommendations for people who can hike on their own but need to know the difficulty of the hike, the distance, starting point and ending point and stops along the way.
  • DIY recommendations so that you can explore on your own but not end up showing up at a closed place.
  • I can book Airbnb or VRBO, or with your preferred Hotel rewards program.

Absolutely! And you may find, that that private trip will cost you less than going with the tour operator. Online tours are sold at a package price, and every time we break down the individual costs, the total trip cost comes out significantly lower – even with with our fee included. 

We are not booking flights. We have found that most people like to book their own flights, and oftentimes find better deals than we could as travel advisors. Some people also like to use their travel points and miles. However, we are happy to advise you on the best airports to fly in and out of in Germany, and what airlines to consider.

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