Founded by a native German, Germany Travel Co. not only provides deep-rooted expertise but also infuses trips with insights into the local culture. You’ll experience Germany’s must-see spots, as well as local favorites that most tourists miss. And the best part? It’s all planned according to your pace, interests, and budget. So you can focus on being the savvy traveler you’ve always wanted to be, without the stress.

Why Choose Germany Travel Co.?

  • Transparency: Our services are fee-based. You’re our client, and our recommendations are made with your best interests at heart, not commission rates.
  • Expertise: Benefit from our deep, first-hand knowledge and years of experience in German travel.
  • Highly personalized: Our itineraries are created for you and your travel companions – no one trip we create is ever the same.
  • 45 minutes consultation session

Silver Service

  • 45 Minutes Consultation session
  • Itinerary design
  • Booking of Accommodations (up to 5 locations)
  • recommendations of Activities/ Sightseeing/Tour
  • Travel Advice during the design process

Gold Service

For up to 5 days + up to 4 people (add additional days at $75/day)

‘Five-Step Travel-Planning Services’

  • Everything from the Silver Service +
  • Planning & Booking of Logistics (train, Rental Car, Driver)
  • Booking of Activities/ Sightseeing/Tour
  • Recommendations of Restaurants
  • Unlimited Travel Advice

Our Five-Step Process to Travel Planning

When you hire us for our Gold Planning Service, we follow a 5-step travel planning process to create the Germany Trip that best fits you and your travel companions.

We spend considerable time in the beginning getting you know you, and learning about your hopes and dreams for your trip. We do this via questionnaires and personal conversations as needed. Once we have a good idea and your goals, we begin with the first step.

Step 1: The overall itinerary

The first step to creating your Germany custom vacation is to put together the overall itinerary. Based on your feedback to our set of initial questions, we’ll send you recommendations for destinations and activities that you’ll love.

Based on your feedback, we’ll create an itinerary that:

  • includes all of your “must-dos” (although here, depending on the amount of time you have, you may need to decide what not to do); and
  • is a realistic pace (we’ll tell you if it’s not!); and
  • works from a geographic standpoint, so you’re not zigzagging around the country; and
  • works for you logistically. For example, if you don’t want to drive in Germany, we’ve considered that.

Step 2: Accommodations

After the overall itinerary is set, we move to the next step of creating your Germany custom vacation: booking accommodations. We are happy to recommend a variety of different types of hotels (brand, boutique, sustainable), and we can also help you choose the right AirBnB if that is your preference. We can also book Virtuoso properties. We have relationships with many high-end hotels and can provide VIP services to travelers.

We’ll send you specific recommendations for accommodations that:

  • meet your preferences, and
  • are within your budget, and
  • are in excellent central locations, and
  • have availability for your specific dates

You have the final say, but we book them and confirm all the details.

boy on top of a hill overlooking the Mosel river, strechting his arms out to an embrace

Step 3: Guides, Tours, And Activities

After the accommodations are booked, the next step in creating your Germany custom vacation is activities! During Step 1, we identified the highlights, and now we’re going to drill down. Questions we may go through include: Would you like to do a city tour on foot or by bicycle? Would you like to join a group or have us arrange a private tour? Would you like to get hiking tours or do you prefer a stroll through town?

For each activity, we’ll work with you to recommend (and then book) tours and activities that meet your preferences, budget and travel pace.

Munich's blue tram in front of Maximilianeum, Bavaria's state captial building

Step 4: Logistics

Logistics in Germany can make or break the trip. Trains are fantastic, except they can be cumbersome and time-consuming in certain regions. Renting a car is fabulous in the countryside and should be avoided at all costs in German cities. Most of the time, things run more or less on time, but there are not infrequent strikes.

So, the logistics of your trip are really important, but when everything flows smoothly you shouldn’t notice them.

Back when we asked you all those questions about your preferences, we also discussed renting a car and if it makes sense for you to so. We also ask about trains and private drivers. We find out how much walking you can do, and whether you’ll be traveling light.

During this step in creating your Italy custom vacation, we buy your train tickets, book your rental car, and send you quotes for that private driver. We also figure out your aiport transfers.

Step 5: food and Restaurants

In the last step of the process, we will provide you with restaurant recommendations. These can be anything, from Michelin-star restaurants to hole-in-the-wall places, depending on your preferences. Especially if you have dietary restrictions, it’s valuable to have options planned out in advance, so you are not wandering around town hungry. For high-in-demand restaurants, we will be making reservations in advance for you.

And Finally…

We will email you the entire itinerary, which includes all relevant information for your trip. You’ll have access to your itinerary via a link in the cloud and via an app – so it will always be with you as you embark on your Germany adventure.